Welcome to the North Dakota GIS Hub Data Portal

This is where you will find North Dakota geospatial data and information. The contents of this site are managed by the North Dakota GIS Technical Committee.

The GIS Hub Data Portal is built upon an open data platform that provides functionality beyond the traditional means of retrieving data.

Featured Data

North Dakota has had a number of confirmed earthquakes that occurred from 1909 through 2012. Photo credit: iStock

Coal mining in the early days of North Dakota have resulted in a great number of abandoned underground and surface mine locations. Photo credit: Public Service Commission

Travel the byways and backways of North Dakota to see the breathtaking views, uninhabited land, wildlife, country charm, rich culture and history. Photo credit: Obsessed Photographers Group

The state ranks 11th in the country for installed wind capacity and ranks 6th in the country for wind energy potential. Photo credit: B. Nutsch

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