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The Department of Emergency Services conducts safety and security planning, coordination, communications, and operations.

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DES Base Map Project Aerial Photography 2009-2013

This imagery collected by the ND Department of Transportation was used to digitize road centerline vector information for the DES Base Map Project. The digitized centerlines were created with a "sub-meter" accuracy. The imagery were collected during optimum viewing conditions whenever possible, however maximizing flight mission time was also a major priority. Ideal flying conditions would be during spring and fall seasons when tree and foliage cover is reduced, thus optimizing the viewing accuracy of roadway centerlines. Other factors affecting image quality can be sun angle, haze, wind speed, turbulence and cloud cover. The flight missions were prioritized to capture certain PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) areas ahead of other counties; However once again, weather conditions dictate where and when the flight crew can collect data. Certain image anomalies will be visible within the mosaics. These small warpages were addressed during the digitizing phase by using imagery imported from other stages of the process. It is the intent of NDDOT to eventually address all of these anomalies.

Pixel size is approximately 0.9-feet, data is processed to UTM-14, NAD83. The Base Map missions were created at a flight height above ground (HAG) of 9,000' (2743.2 meters) which creates imagery with a .90'(27.432 cm) ground sample distance (GSD). The resultant imagery covers a base corridor 12,400' (3779.52 meters) wide. Imagery collection dates range from November 2009 through November 2013.

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Release Date
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Area
POLYGON ((-102.151748791 48.998722201, -97.228911505 49.000389296, -97.090244684 48.68417629, -97.175485058 48.562034759, -97.14664896 48.14263821, -96.850987495 47.59851116, -96.839191889 47.006813816, -96.75262323 46.923788252, -96.798155512 46.629493005, -96.599331832 46.329919017, -96.563228102 45.935220029, -104.045492816 45.945191416, -104.048726205 48.99981441))
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
North Dakota
Temporal Coverage
2009-11-25 to 2013-11-13
Department of Transportation
Contact Name
Peterschick, Phil
Contact Email
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