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The Department of Environmental Quality's mission is to conserve and protect the quality of North Dakota’s air, land and water resources following science and the law.

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GTS Surficial Aquifers

The goal of the North Dakota Geographic Targeting System for Groundwater Monitoring (GTS) was to reassess monitoring priorities for existing glacial drift aquifers, assign monitoring priorities to new aquifers, and update the methods of the GTS to include new geographic information system (GIS) capabilities. The GTS is a tool used by the Agicultural Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program to assign monitoring priority to shallow aquifers. This layer represents maps in Attachment 3 of the "North Dakota Geographic Targeting System For Groundwater Monitoring" dated October 2019. The report is published by the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Water Quality. Full report available online at

This data is provided by the North Dakota Department of Health for your convenience. This data is historical and represents the maps contained in appendix C of Geographic Targeting System for Groundwater Monitoring ( published in 1997. This data is intended to be used at scales at which it was produced. This service is provided "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made regarding the accuracy or utility of the data or information presented at this site. Digital files are periodically updated. Files are dated and users are responsible for obtaining the latest version of the data. The North Dakota Department of Health is not responsible for any errors or damages that may occur resulting from the use or misuse of the data that is provided at this site. See full disclaimer for more information.

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POLYGON ((-102.151748791 48.998722201, -97.228911505 49.000389296, -97.090244684 48.68417629, -97.175485058 48.562034759, -97.14664896 48.14263821, -96.850987495 47.59851116, -96.839191889 47.006813816, -96.75262323 46.923788252, -96.798155512 46.629493005, -96.599331832 46.329919017, -96.563228102 45.935220029, -104.045492816 45.945191416, -104.048726205 48.99981441))
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North Dakota
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Department of Environmental Quality
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Fritz, Ann
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